WELCOME to eatinglikethefrench!

Love your body, eat good food, laugh a lot, dress to kill, be inspired, hug a good book and love life!!!

Here we are all about focusing on the living life to the full and being positive.

THE ISSUE – unhealthy, unhappy, work oriented,  stress filled, time poor life. 

That is not life, that is an existence. We only have one life, so let’s live it!!

How we feel about yourselves plays a huge role in our life, and unfortunately there is a big focus in the media on body image.  Self esteem. Emotions.  Happiness. If we are living an unhealthy, unhappy, work oriented, stress filled, time poor life then our self esteem will be low, our emotions negative and our happiness level in the gutter.

Introducing the GET HEALTHY & LOVE LIFE Guide!!!


We aren’t only a better approach to weight loss and getting healthy but a different approach.


Our biggest problem with dieting and weight loss is sticking to it and finding one that is right for you. Atkins. Vegan. Paleo. We have all heard success stories and failures. So we have set out to create a the GET HEALTHY & LOVE LIFE Guide! 

It focuses on getting healthy, eliminating foods which are bad for our bodies, and even has a phase dedicated solely to you and your dietary needs and goals.

We are different. We are healthy. We are maintainable. We are achievable.




3 thoughts on “WELCOME to eatinglikethefrench!

      1. ahhh I see….however every day is Sunday for me, I recently was able to retire early…one of the lucky ones I guess….but my mind still works like I have a job…it will take a little getting used to ….

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